If We Could Turn Back Time, Hayes

If we could turn back time, Hayes,
If we had known back then,
That sixteen was your last birthday,
I wonder how it would have been.

We couldn't love you more, Hayes,
For we loved you with all our heart,
And we couldn't have dreamed your last birthday
That soon we'd have to part.

But I'd like another hour
Or two to talk with you,
And I'd like another hour
For things we loved to do.

I'd love to hear your voice once more,
I'd love to see your smile,
For you had a way, my precious son,
Of making things worthwhile.

If I had just a moment
To touch your golden hair,
If I had just a second,
How much I'd like to share.

But God had other plans for you,
And we know you had to go.
But, oh, my son, that doesn't stop us
From loving and missing you so!

This year you'd be turning twenty,
You'd almost be full grown,
But for us you'll always be just sixteen,
That's all we've ever known.

We know we'll see you in heaven,
And what a grand time that will be,
But, oh! how we wish we could turn back the clock
And once more your sweet face we could see!

Happy 20th Birthday, Hayes!

(Written for Beth, Scott, and Bethany by
Saralyn Smith, with great love
on Hayes' 20th birthday,
March 14, 2005)

I thought about you yesterday
And even more today,

I know that you are missing Hayes
And long for better days

Better days which have gone by,
Of when your Hayes was not an angel in the sky.

Someday we will celebrate all the birthdays we've missed,
And when we do we will know, we were Angel-Kissed.

Written for Hayes' family by Diane Kayser

Thank you for the above gifts Diane

Thank you Saralyn for the above gifts

Thank you Peggy

Thank you Kris

Thank you Linda

Thank you for the above gifts Heavens Children

Thank you Jeanine

Thank you Shirley

Thank you Reeny

Thank you Stacey

Thank you Carol

Thank you Judy

Thank you Susie

Thank you Moira

Thank you Susan

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