For Hayes on His 24th Birthday
March 14, 2009

Time rolls along, just like the sea,
And most things are the same,
Except, of course, that you're not here,
No longer in the game.

We trudge along, your Dad and I,
And Bethany does, too,
But every day in every way,
We're all still missing you.

We know you're safe in heaven
And that you love it there,
It's just that we can't see you
And your life we cannot share.

We wish you could be here to see
How much your sister's grown,
And soon she'll be a graduate---
How fast the years have flown!

Please know we'll always love you,
Though years may come and go,
Wherever we go, whatever we do,
We'll always miss you so.

Happy 24th Birthday in Heaven, Hayes!

Written for Beth, Scott, and Bethany with great love,

Thank you Susie!

Thank you Elena

Thank you Saralyn

Thank you Linda

Thank you Donna

Thank you DJ

Thank you Patti

Thank you Lynn

Thank you Ann

Thank you Shirley

Thank you Reeny

Thank you Polly

Thank you Carol

Thank you Christine

Thank you Kris