Beth Speaking To Hayes on His Third Anniversary in Heaven

Three long years have come and gone
Since last we saw you, Hayes,
Three long years, so often filled
With sad and empty days.

Sometimes at night I lie awake
And think I hear a beat
Of music playing loud and clear,
Coming down the street,
And then Iíll hear a car door slam,
And my heart starts to jumpó
I imagine footsteps on the stairs,
I think I hear a thump!
I almost rise up from my bed
To run into your room
To see your smiling face once more
Instead of all this gloom.
But always there is no one there,
No loving arms to touch,
No way to hear your voice cry out,
ďI love you, Mom, so much.Ē
No way to hug you once more, Hayes,
No way to see your smile--
Just empty days and endless nights
Without my precious child.
Sometimes Iíll hear a certain song
And know itís one youíd love.
I wonder if you know all this,
In heaven up above.
Do you know how much I ache
To see you just once more?
To see you climbing up the stairs
And walking through your door?
I feel so lost without you, Hayes,
But I know I must wait
To see your smiling face again
Till I reach heavenís gate.
I know that you are happy there,
And I must be content
With memories and photographs
Until my life is spent.
For God has purposes for me,
And things to finish, too,
Before my lifeís completed here
And I can rejoin you.
And so Iíll try to smile for you
And try to carry on,
But, oh! My life is not the same
Since you have been gone.
Written with love for Beth and Hayes
January 27, 2005
Saralyn McAfee Smith

Thank You Diane

Thank You Saralyn

Thank You Reeny

Thank You Elaine

Thank You Susie

My dear friend.
My love and prayers are with you
as we honor your son
Hayes Angel day.
May you find peace today.
Love, Carol

Thank You Carol

Thank You Joyce

Thank You Linda

Thank You Mandy

Thank You Peggy

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