~Julia & Jack~

Julia and Jack Kent are Hayes' brother and sister. Julia was
only 3 years old when Hayes passed away and Hayes' step
mom, Jennifer was pregnant at the time of Hayes'
death. Hayes knew that Jennifer was pregnant and was
excited to be having another sibling. Jennifer named her
son Jackson Hayes, after his big brother. I see so much
of Hayes in both Julia and Jack. Julia remembers
Hayes because she and Jennifer talk about him
everyday so that she doesn't forget the memories
she shared with Hayes. Jennifer said that she can see
so much of Hayes in Jack's action. Thank you Jennifer
for sending me the pictures to share with others so that
they can meet Hayes' lil sister and brother.

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Hayes and Julia

Hayes and Julia (his head was already chopped off, lol)

Hayes and Julia

Hayes and Julia

Hayes, Julia, and his grandpa and grandma Kent

Austin, Chase, Hayes, and Julia Kent

Hayes and his little sister, Julia

Thank you Jennifer for making this photo, it's beautiful!