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Hayes 5 years old and sister Bethany

Hayes 9 yrs. old & sister Bethany

Hayes 15 yrs. old & cousin Nate

Hayes 15 yrs. old, Scott, Beth, and Bethany ~ Montego Bay Jamaica

Hayes 16 yrs. old & cousin Josh

Hayes 16 yrs. old with Tigger at Disney World (Magic Kingdom)

Hayes 16 yrs. old knee boarding on the Tennessee River

Hayes 16 yrs. old with Scooby & Shaggy at Universal Studios

Hayes 16 yrs. old with his pride and joy (jeep & sea-doo)

This is a letter from one of Hayes' classmates at Fayette Academy

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hall,
I'd like to give my condolences to you. I know that no one can say
anything to take away the pain you and the rest of the family feel.
Honestly, the shock has put me at a loss for words, because
a GREAT young man has departed from the many lives he has touched. I
was in two of his classes and passed him often in the hall. His smile
radiated throughout the room and his laughter was contagious. I know
I didn't know him long, but his open and positive attitude was easily
likable. He showed respect to everyone around him and was friendly to
all he met. I don't understand why some don't get the chance to live
their lives to the fullest extent, but I have to step back and remember
that God has a time a purpose for everything. Hayes also
had this special something about him, even now I can not define, but I
guess you already knew that, you knew him best - just as he knew your love.
With Deepest Thoughts,
Jamie Wicker
P.S. Many prayers are with you!!
John 14:27
Ecclesiates 3:1

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