Wind blow please so light,
So the candle will burn for all nights,
Oh Brother I loved so well,
Please have a story to tell
Of a friendship so true that will never fail,
Please wait for me for I'm soon to come
Just not knowing when my time will come,
So rest easy my Brother till the day I come,
So we can walk together in the Lord's great kingdom.


This poem is written by one of Hayes' best friends, Colt Mitchell.
Colt wrote and read this for Hayes' services on Jan. 30, 2002.

Hayes 8 yrs. old playing for Bartlett Hot Shots

Hayes 9 yrs. old playing for the Bartlett Chargers

White Sox Baseball Team Hayes is on the 1st row, 3rd to left

Hayes 15 yrs. old (back right)coaching Bethany's (front left)Hot Shots team.
Scott is standing in the back left.

Hayes 16 yrs. old ~ Fayette Academy (red #20) This was Hayes' last
basketball game before his accident This picture was made on 1/25/02.

Bolton Wildcats Baseball Team 2000
Hayes is on the 2nd row, 1st to left

Bolton Wildcats Baseball Team 2001
Hayes is on the 2nd row, 4th from the right

Hayes 12 years old Arlington Chief's

This is a letter written to our family by one of Hayes' classmates at Fayette Academy

2/4/02 Mr. & Mrs. Hall,
Hi, my name is Libby Flanagan & I am a sophomore at Fayette Academy. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed having Hayes with us. I would have loved to meet you & talk to you earlier but I thought you would need time with the family. Hayes was in my 3rd period, Alg.2 class. But only having that one class with him was enough to know what an awesome guy he was. He was so different & that was what was so unique about him. Me & my other friends would walk into 3rd period & there was Hayes asking did any of us do our homework. Most of the time only 1 of us would have it & we'd pass it around til we all had it. The first day back after we'd got the news, just to walk in that class nearly brought us all down to nothing. Out of all the high school, everyone loved him & I don't believe he had anything against anyone else. He fit in so well. It was like he'd been at Fayette Academy since kindergarten because he fit in so good. It was absolutely a blessing having him here with us for the few weeks he was. My mom & I talked so much that Sunday about him. She didn't know him but she saw me talking to him at a basketball game. I told her first off about his smile. There was never a day that I'd meet him in the hall that he wouldn't be "walkin his walk" & grinning so big. I'll never forget his smile. The impact he had on everyone was AMAZING! I couldn't tell you another time that I've see so many young people touched in my life. And I know there is a reason for him only being with us for that short time. But why it's taking something like this for us all to see it, I don't know. I know we are not supposed to ask why & just to know that there is an unknown reason. I know you know this but I'll tell you anyway, he was a wonderful guy. He'll never be forgotten!! One thing I'd like to know is if you don't mind, may I have a picture of him. I know on times like this you'll want to hold the pictures close & I understand that. I would like to have that picture of his smile just to always have. You & your family are in my thoughts & prayers. The loss of Hayes took a lot from me. I guess it's worse losing someone as great as a person as he was. I've never lost anyone that wasn't family. But I know that one beautiful day we'll meet again! Take care of yourselves & each other! And I told myself that it's okay to hurt but don't be sad because Hayes wants us all to be happy.
Love always,
Libby Flanagan

I want to thank Fayette Academy Athletic Dept. for Hayes' Letter Jacket.
It meant so much to Hayes to get a letter jacket and I know he's PROUD.

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