Hayes' Mom & DadHayes' Mom & Dad
Hayes' Mom & DadHayes' Mom & Dad
Hayes' Mom & Dad
Hayes' Mom & Dad
Hayes' Mom & Dad

This page is dedicated to some special people who have helped
Scott and myself through this difficult time of our lives.
Losing Hayes had changed our lives dramatically. We never in a
million years ever thought weíd experience the death of a child
and I pray that no one else ever has to. Iíve met some amazing
people over the last year and half that helped me tremendously.
Without the support of other parents and grandparents I donít
know how I couldíve made it this far. Most people who havenít
walked these shoes believe that we should ďBE OVER ITĒ. How do
you get over it? You DONíT! You must live with it and take it day
by day and do whatever it takes to get you through the day. For me,
itís been mostly the online support that Iíve had. As most women
know, our spouses donít like the online time we spend, but Scott is
thankful that I have you all and if thatís what gets me through the
day, heís happy youíre there. Thereís no waythat I can express how
much "ALL" of you mean to me and how each of you get me through my
difficult times. I want to thank everyone who has added a candle,
page, graphic, sent an email of condolences, and etc.. in memory
of Hayes. Thereís so many that have touched my life that I could
never personally thank you all. Please know that we appreciate
everything from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank You!

Joyce Allman
I can't even remember who sent me to you, but I'm so thankful they
I did. I know I done a search on children's memorials and I tried
creating one for Hayes after seeing other memorials but I didn't
have a clue on how to create one. I learned enough to put pictures
up on a page and that was it. I believe someone sent me an email and
gave me your name and email address. All it took was one email and
you jumped right in and created a beautiful tribute to my only son.
You spent countless hours on creating a perfect tribute to Hayes and
it all came from within your kind heart. I remember you telling me
that you'd be honored to create a site for Hayes, but you just don't
know what an "honor" you've done for me and my family. Thank you
from the bottom of my heart for "ALL" that you've done and contiue
to do for us. Hayes' knew you'd do a beautiful job on creating his
site in order for me to keep his memory alive and to occupy me until
we're reunited again. Thank you for the support you given me and for
always being there to listen to me.

Thank You!

Saralyn Smith
Where do I even start? You've been my "ROCK"! I don't know how I
could've made it this far without you. When I feel as if I'm at the
end of my rope, you always have the wordsof encouragement and faith
to make me feel better. Even through your own pain, you're still there
for me. I truly feel in my heart that our sons led us to one another
and they are best friends in heaven. Hayes knew I needed someone to
talk to that knows the pain and grief I live in each day, so he sent
or all the graphics you've done for me.

Diane Kayser
Like Saralyn, you've been a rock for me during some hard times, even
though you're own pain. Hayes is keeping an eye on me by sending
you to me. He knew that I need strength and friendship through these
hard times. Thank you for always being there.

Susan Woolford
I'm so thankful that I've had the pleasure of meeting you in person.
You've made alot of websetsand graphics for Hayes and I appreciate it
so much, but more than that is the friendship I nowhave with you. You're
such an outgoing person and you've brought laughter into by life that I
thought I'd never have again. I know that no matter what time of night
or morning I need you,you're always there. When I have trouble sleeping
at nights, you're there to talk to me until I can't hold my eyes open
any longer. Thank you for everything!

Hayes' Mom & DadHayes' Mom & Dad
Hayes' Mom & DadHayes' Mom & Dad
Hayes' Mom & DadHayes' Mom & Dad
Hayes' Mom & Dad
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