~ Embraced Within God's Light ~

The shadows of our memories
Are beaming through your light
We see you in the morning
We sweetly say good night

You are always with us
In every waking day
We carry you in spirit
Our love is here to stay

We see you Christmas morning
Throughout the "glory" years
Sharing all your goodness
With smiles that persevere

Each year a celebration
That quickly comes and goes
But in our hearts forever
Our Christmas memories flow

We light the lights and trim the tree
While carefully we place
All your life's mementos
That fill our life with grace

We turn around and see you
In hours of the past
We smile and know you're with us
These treasures always last

Each one will tell a story
That fills our life with glory
Of moments to remember
In every sweet December

We seek you out and find you
In all familiar places
Sparkling with a special glow
That every heart embraces

We whisper how we love you
We look up to the sky
Knowing that your with us
In every day's sweet sigh

You'll always be our Christmas
The time that shines so bright
We turn around and there you are
Embraced within God's Light.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright November 28, 2007
written exclusively for Hayes With Love

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