Six long years have come and gone
Since last we saw you, Hayes.
Six long years without your smile,
Six years of tear-streaked days.

We see your friends occasionally;
They all seem to be fine,
Moving on with school or jobs,
While we're just marking time.

We watch the other parents glow
With pride on special days,
And see the gifts they give their kids;
They celebrate always.

But all that we can give you now
Are flowers for your grave;
We have to wipe away our tears
And try to seem so brave.

When other parents tell of things
Their children now have done,
We have to smile, congratulate,
When we really want to run

And scream out that it's just not fair
That you were gone so young
So many things you didn't do,
So many songs unsung.

And yet we know you're special, Hayes,
We know God thinks so, too,
That's why He took you Home with Him,
So He could be with you.

You had finished all the things that He
Had set for you to do,
And it only took those sixteen years
For your work to be all through.

And so, we're rightly proud of you;
And how we love you, Hayes!
You'll forever be our shining star,
Our precious son always.

Written for Beth, Scott, and Bethany with much love,
Saralyn McAfee Smith
January 27, 2007

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Balloon Rlease

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