Hayes Kent, Class of 2003
Saralyn McAfee Smith
The time for graduationís here
And I am feeling down,
For you wonít be in that special group
Who are wearing caps and gowns.

I wonít get to see you walk that stage,
I wonít hear them say your name.
And ever since you went to heaven,
Nothingís been the same.

And yet your classmates remember you
And most still miss you so.
It still doesnít seem like reality
That you had to go.

But God pulls me close within His arms,
And whispers low to me,
Hayes finished all his work so soon.
He was special---donít you see?

While his classmates still have a ways to go,
I brought him home to Me.
He graduated earlier
Than his Class of 2003.

And yet heís with you in spirit;
Just close your eyes and see
For Hayes is walking proudly with
The Class of 2003.

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