A Christmas Tree This Year

Ever since you died, dear Hayes
I could not bear to see
Christmas decorations,
Especially a Christmas tree.

It just hasnít been the same
Ever since you went away,
I didnít even want to think of trees
Especially on Christmas Day.

Sweet Bethany put up with me
And kept a tree in her room,
She didnít know how to coax me out
Of all my holiday gloom.

But this year she and your Daddy, too,
Want a special Christmas tree,
Not one hidden away in just her room,
But out for all to see.

I was quite upset, I donít know why,
I guess it has to do
With how much I still am lost
And grieving, without you.

But then one night I had a dream
Of you, my dear sweet son,
And in the dream you said to me
You thought the time had come

For me to give up solitary grief,
And to wipe away all tears,
And, yes, to put up a Christmas tree
Just like we did all those years.

For even in heaven you can see
What we do here on earth,
And it makes you happy to see us smile
And welcome Jesusí birth.

And so, dear Hayes, youíll be glad to know
I helped with the Christmas tree,
And it is shining with lights and love,
For all the world to see.

Written with love for Hayes' family by Saralyn Smith

We had a "White Christmas"

Thank you Joyce for the above gifts

Made with love from Mama

Thank you Saralyn for the above gifts

Thank you Diane for the above gifts

Thank you Ann

Thank you Susie

Thank you Kris for the above gifts

Thank you Judy

Thank you Linda

Thank you Shirl

Thank you Shirley

Thank you Elaine